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For those who smoke, the electronic cigarette is likely the best thing to come along in years. When you shop, keep in mind the reasons people choose an ecig over conventional tobacco. When buying, these three reasons are most noted by users:

Saving Money
- You can stop spending $7 on a pack of smokes most of which is taxes. The cost per day for your nicotine fix just decreased by 76%. Add in promo code savings and your price just went down even more!

Smoke Anywhere
- Since the smoke free cigarette is literally smoke-free, many public places that prohibit cigarettes now allow the e-cig.

No 2nd Hand Smoke, Ashes or Butts
- Sanitation and hygiene are among the most noted reasons smokers switch to e-cigarettes. No more pin hole burns, dirty ashtrays or smelly clothes for you my friend.

How Electronic Cigarettes Save Money

If you are smoking 3 packs a day you are literally burning approximately $250 a month of your hard earned money. The first day you use the electronic cig, you'll likely smoke a few cigarettes. Unlike prescription medications and NRT products, smoking cigarettes with the e-cig is not a problem. Normally after 1-2 months, your smoking will be reduced to 1-2 cigarettes a day and some days, you won't smoke tobacco at all. To put this in perspective, you can expect to use 1-2 e cig cartridges a day at a cost of about $1 each. Calculations show your spending will decrease from $250 dollars per month to $60 per month. Smokeless Cigarettes Pricing & Review Data

E-Cigarette Smoker

Why Use E-Cigarettes

And if saving tons of cash and being able to smoke anywhere you like is not enough, there is also the huge convenience factor. The smoke free cigarette does not burn so there is no fire, smoke, ash or butt which totally eliminates the need for an ashtray. I no longer have ashtrays all over my house smelling up the place. And the best part is that smokeless cigarettes give the same satisfaction and tactile smoking sensations as tobacco cigarettes without any of the health or environmental issues.

E-Cigarette Dangers

Now I know there is lots of talk about the safety of smokeless cigarettes. I have done my research and found there is only one FDA report on ecigs. I have read this report and I am not a scientist but it really makes no case, good or bad, concerning the safety of smoke free. After digging deeper, I found a study examining the FDA report finding it is flawed in its conclusions.

Switching to an e cig is a personal choice and you have many things to consider before you start using one. If you have any questions or are concerned about safety, I would suggest you take a look at Is The Electronic Cigarette safe. There is a lot of great information presented in an easy to read, honest way so you can take the time to make your own decision.